Who we are

LooLoo, an innovative brand, is the fruit of a bold creation by the integrated workshop of the Enygea group, renowned for its expertise, particularly in the events sector through its subsidiary HAPPEE Services.

A subsidiary of the Enygea group

Founded in 2007 by Hervé Montagne, our independent ETI ENYGEA has become a benchmark in BtoB rental. Our commitment to satisfying our customers with quality, turnkey solutions has led us over the years to create complementary subsidiaries in the hygiene sector, each with expertise in its own market and working in synergy with the others.

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA.

Our 2 main areas of expertise are: construction sites and events. Attentive to our customers’ needs and concerned about the well-being of our teams, we implement a transparent and participative policy, both internally and externally, which enables us to keep on evolving.

Event experts thanks to our partner HAPPEE Services

Founded in 1962, HAPPEE Services, a subsidiary of the same group, is the benchmark for sanitary equipment in the events market. Fairs, exhibitions, festivals, sporting events, fashion shows… Today, HAPPEE Services has 10 professions and over 30 employees: sales representatives, operations managers, maintenance managers, ripper cleaners, workshop managers, drivers… Discover our full range of sanitary equipment, based mainly on innovations (urinals for women, ecological toilets, prestige caravans) and the know-how of our integrated manufacturer SWITTEC.

LooLoo: French manufacturing integrated by the group

SWITTEC, the ENYGEA Group’s integrated workshop, is a major innovation center dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide range of sanitary and environmental equipment. In this workshop, a dedicated team works to create innovative products such as dry toilets, public toilets, special urinals, hand-washing ramps and emptying/cleaning trucks.

LooLoo: a striking example of local expertise

With its integrated design office, SWITTEC stands out for its commitment to designing efficient, sustainable solutions. The LooLoo module, designed entirely from A to Z by SWITTEC, is a striking example of local expertise, proudly bearing the “made in France” label. What’s more, the LooLoo Truck, the result of extensive technical and design collaboration with SWITTEC, reflects the workshop’s innovative approach to developing advanced sanitary solutions.